Board of Trustees

Ani Attamian

Head of the Board of  Trustees

Ani Attamian is a digital technology consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field of online and offline marketing & digital product development. Upon completion of her Master’s at Boston University, she transferred to Silicon Valley with Aegis Media in pursuit of expanding her digital expertise. She spent her time in San Francisco working across a variety of industries before being recruited to work as a Consultant in Google’s Large Customer Sales Team, with a focus on the Retail & Technology sectors.  Now working in the Global Product Partnerships team of Google in the United Kingdom, she focuses on News, Web & Publishing Partnerships. She resides in London with her husband, Arnaud, and 2 sons, Levon & Matevos.


Yana Genova

Member of the Board of Trustees

Yana Genova is currently director of Next Page Foundation ( – an international NGO based in Sofia, Bulgaria that strives to contribute to a more balanced participation of “peripheral” languages and countries in the global circulation of ideas and books. Before starting the Next Page Foundation in 2001, Yana Genova has been working as program manager at Open Society Institute – Budapest in charge of a large translation project for 24 countries in Central and Eastern Europe as well as at the Soros Center for the Arts in Sofia (1994-1999). Yana holds an MA in Cultural Studies and frequently contributes to a number of Bulgarian cultural periodicals. She works also as a freelance consultant to independent cultural projects, cultural policy initiatives and EU cultural programmes. A co-author, with Georgi Gospodinov, of Inventory Book of Socialism (Prosveta, Sofia, 2006).


Alexis Krikorian

Member of the Board of Trustees

Born in 1974, Alexis Krikorian graduated from the Lyon Institute of Political Science in 1996, and from the Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies in 1999 with a master in international relations. For 7 years, he led the freedom to publish program of the International Publishers Association. He is now Senior Partnership Manager at Amnesty International in Geneva. In 2016, he co-founded Hyestart, an NGO supporting cultural democracy in Armenia and neighboring countries.

Alexis is a passionate human rights professional with a strong interest in the promotion of literature.

Armine Nalbandian

Member of the Board of Trustees

Arminé Nalbandian is a senior political adviser delivering public policy outcomes on a range of social policy areas. Her experience in Armenia includes her time as a Fulbright Scholar living and work at the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia. Arminé graduated summa cum laude as a Presidential Scholar from Northeastern University in Boston, holds a Master of Science in International Development from the London School of Economics as a Luys Scholar and a Master of Commerce in Strategy and Innovation from the University of Sydney as a Business Leaders Scholar.  Arminé currently lives in Sydney, Australia where she is the Head of Social Policy and Premier’s Priorities to the Premier of New South Wales.

Alain Navarra

Member of the Board of Trustees

Alain Navarra is an art historian with a comprehensive international experience and network in the domains of art and visual culture with a strong interest in interdisciplinary perspective covering the fields of politics, history, art, cultural studies and social issues. Alain is also an invited lecturer in various respectable universities in Europe. He is the President of Hyestart, an NGO with the goals to support the development of a cultural democracy, promoting human rights in Armenia and South Caucasus and the neighboring countries, with a special focus on freedom of expression. Also, it supports socially-challenging projects with a focus on contemporary artistic creation and initiatives which encourage and promote cultural diversity in the region.