The discussion of the Armenian translation of Michel Foucault's work "L’archéologie du savoir" at YSU

The discussion on the Armenian translation of Michel Foucault’s “L’archéologie du savoir” published in the framework of Caloust Gulbenkian Translation Series was organized in the Yerevan State University at the initiative of the Department of Sociology.

The translator of Nazareth Karoyan, the director of the ARI Literature Foundation Arevik Ashkharoyan, the dean of the Faculty of Sociology Artur Mkrtichyan, lecturers and students took part at the meeting.

Mr Karoyan presented the work of Foucault and talked about difficulties he faced while translating and how he overcame those, what language solutions were found. He has also explained the choice of some terminology and necessity to create new words at times.  

The cooperation with YSU Faculty of Sociology will be continuous and the next meetings on this and other translations of the series will also host students, lecturers from the philosophy, journalism and other faculties of the humanities.