DIFFERENT STORIES Picture Books – Visit to Gyumri School N23 and LOFT Gyumri

In the framework of regional visits of  DIFFERENT STORIES Picture Books project ARI Literature Foundation team was hosted at the primary school No. 23 in the city of Gyumri, Shirak region to present the books “I Speak Through Dancing” and “The Champion” published as part of the project. Afterwards the presentation of the book was held at LOFT Gyumri. The author of the books Gayane Aghabalyan was also present at the meetings.

In the school of Gyumri, we met the students of the fourth grade, among them were students with both hearing and loco motor impairment. After reading the books and discussing them, the students had a long and meaningful conversation with Gayane Aghabalyan and asked her interesting questions. They were talking in Gyumri dialect, which made the meeting more casual and joyful. At the end, the author signed the children’s books, and the children wrote their names on the author’s copy.

The teachers of the elementary school told us that they face many problems in the framework of inclusive education and they are cooperating with the relevant bodies around those issues.

In the afternoon, the book presentation was held at Loft Gyumri, which was attended by Greta Vardanyan, the protagonist of the book “The Champion”. The excitement of the children was indescribable when they saw the real Greta, who told them about the path of her life full of challenges and the joy of victory she had. “I have never stopped working, and no obstacle has ever prevented me from wishing to win.” He advised the guests of the meeting never to fall into despair and do everything possible to achieve their dreams. After the presentation, the children talked to Greta for a long time and asked her to inscribe their books.

We would like to express our gratitude to the director of Gyumri school No. 23 Hakob Gevorgyan and LOFT Gyumri for organizing the meetings and hosting us.