Write in Armenia IWC 2018: Another Tangible Outcome – Mentor-Mentee Programme

Write in Armenia International Writing Camp was just the start of something bigger – of motivation and collaboration. The tight bond between the participants from different countries was created, and became the reason for many of them to still keep in touch – exchanging ideas, news, professional and personal stories and even plans of co-creation. At the same time the camp became the base for establishing mentor-mentee relationships between tutors and programme participants.

Such example is the motivational and supporting friendship between Aram Pachyan, a reknown Armenian writer and a tutor of the Write in Armenia International Writing Camp 2018 and young writers, Marie Sevs and Gayane Vardanyan.

Following the end of the camp, the young writers were inspired to continue writing. Some struggles led them to an idea to ask for feedback and why not share their ideas with Aram Pachyan. Pachyan, as their mentor and as a friend, encouraged them to develop their ideas and keeps in touch whenever they need his help. One of the goals of the camp was to establish strong bonds between the writers, thus we can say that it certainly is accomplished.