Post IWC cooperation – A Talk About That: Dato Turashvili at Kyiv Book Arsenal

On May 22-26 Book Arsenal, the biggest literary festival in Ukraine, took place in Kyiv. 150 Ukrainian publishing houses took part in it, resulting in 149 events and 57 thousands visitors. Besides being an incredible festivity of art, literature and freedom, it was a real social event since the theme of the Arsenal was “Neighbourhood”. This theme resonates with Ukraine’s current political and economical problems that is why it became a great platform to host the first event of “A Talk About That” – an international collaboration, masterminded by Daria Piskozub (Ukraine) and Oksana Lebedivna (Ukraine), the participants of International Writing Camp 2018 by ARI Literature in Dilijan, Armenia. At Book Arsenal Oksana and Daria held a discussion with Dato Turashvili (Georgia), who was a mentor at the camp and Myroslav Laiuk (Ukrainian writer). Liubko Deresh (Ukrainian camp mentor) and Osnat Lubrani (UN representative in Ukraine) took part in the panel as well. Throughout an hour the themes of common history and its will to create or destroy were discussed. Two authors – children of different generations, cultures, languages – were able to find the common ground of painful history, which in turn led the discussion to the belief that experiences like that is exactly what makes a nation stronger. Dato Turashvili’s visit became and incredible experience for both Oksana and Daria and Ukrainian visitors as well and set off a great start for the upcoming projects of “A Talk About That” and International Writing Camp.