NEW EDITION OF WRITE IN ARMENIA: Documenting the Reality: Fiction VS Journalism.

ARI Literature Foundation, Armenia, in partnership with Kalem Kultur, Turkey, is launching a project entitled “Documenting the Reality: Fiction VS Journalism.”

The main target groups of the project are young writers and journalists from Armenia and Turkey.

The project will contribute to the continuous dialogue between the new generation of writers and journalists from Armenia and Turkey through creating a platform for communication and collaboration between them. Established writers and journalists from Turkey and Armenia will conduct “Write in Armenia International Writing Camp” program and will be featured at “Zabel International Women Writers’ Festival” in early summer 2024. 



The project is implemented within the framework of the Sub-grants Scheme implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation as part of the “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process: Rapid Response” programme, funded by the European Union.