Yan Shenkman's Here In Yerevan published by ARI Press

Yan Shenkman, writer, journalist, literary and music critic, was born in 1973. He graduated from the Moscow State University with a degree in Journalism.

He worked as a correspondent at Ogonyok company, deputy chief editor at Russia Beyond company and at Medved magazine, and chief editor at Rambler company. He was a columnist at Novaya Gazeta.

In March 2022, immediately after the launch of the Ukrainian war, he emigrated from Russia. Now he lives in Yerevan and works at Noyan Tapan Media Holding.

Yan Shenkman is an author of several books, among them WHOAMI, The Coming Pigeon, A Register of Life.

Here In Yerevan

Here In Yerevan is a bitter and funny story about emigration, Armenia, war, built on personal experience and connected by one lyrical protagonist.

The original language of the book is Russian.

Two weeks after the start of the war, Yan Shenkman was supposed to fly to Tbilisi, where his friends were waiting for him, but shortly before that Fishman was not allowed into Georgia. He thought that if Fishman was not allowed in,  Shenkman would be shot. And bought a ticket to Yerevan.