New Edition of Write in Armenia International Writing Camp 2022

 In partnership with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Armenia a new edition of Write in Armenia International Writing Camp has been conducted on 10-15 October 2022 in Dilijan, Armenia.

This edition was entitled A PIECE OF PEACE and covered themes which are vital and imperative for all, taking into account the developments in the region and the in the world.

Young writers from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine have gathered to speak about the importance of literature in building bridges during turbulent times of global conflicts and everlasting lack of dialogue between societies.



Throughout the intensive and extensive 6-day camp numerous significant issues were raised and discussed. The mentors of the project – Armen of Armenia, Davit Gabunia and Olena Kuzmina presented the current situation of literature and publishing industry in their countries, provided valuable information on how to boost young authors’ visibility in literary environment and increase their chances on bringing change in overall creative atmosphere. The aspects and peculiarities of Writing about Politics, War and Peace have been thoroughly presented and discussed during the sessions.

During the 6 days the camp hosted several guest speakers. Art historian and curator Vigen Galstyan presented the interdisciplinary connections in the arts-literature-film-photography and offered the young writers to consider everything around as a text and to use images and illustrations in their storytelling. The EUPL winner acclaimed writer Aram Pachyan shared with the participants his reflections on the books which influenced him and his literature at large. Asya Darbinyan, the Georgian-Armenian translator spoke about the peculiarities of literary translation.

Also, during the camp, Arevik Ashkharoyan, the founder of ARI Literature Foundation gave an overview of the publishing industry in Armenia, as well as shared some useful tips on finding an agent, the main responsibilities of an agent and much more practically useful information. 

In the framework of the project a public panel discussion has been conducted with participation of the tutors of the camp who expressed their views on the writer’s responsibility in the context of capturing and committing to paper the war chronicles. The event was entitled War Chronicles: Writer’s responsibility and took place at Dilijan Old Winery. The event was attended by the public, students and faculty of Dilijan International School, Dilijan Central School (Ayb Dilijan) and Tumo Dilijan.

Also, an open mic night has been organized on the last day of the camp where the young writers, as well as their tutors were given the opportunity to read their works to the public in English and their native languages.