The Sunny Cook by Gayane Aghabalyan

The Sunny Cook is a sunny book published in the framework of cooperation between Edge Publishing House and  Let’s Read (ԱՐԻկարդանք) project of the ARI Literature Foundation.

The author of the book is Gayane Aghabalyan.

The illustrator is Lusine Sahakyan.

Published by Edge publishing house.

The book tells us a story about the life of a sunny boy, Hovhannes, which is full of difficulties, mocking, pain. But the support, love and warmth of his family and friends soon fill his life with bright colors.

The colorful and attractively illustrated book will teach your children that Down Syndrome is not a stigma or a defect at all, but simply the presence of an additional gene in the DNA. It will teach your child to be more tolerant, kind and compassionate, especially to those who are different from him.

Hopefully this project will be continuous and will grant you and your children the opportunity to get acquainted with many more interesting stories about other interesting people who are different.