Statement of 40 Intellectuals from France Calling on Recognition of Artsakh

Le Monde published a statement of a group of 40 intellectuals in France calling on the international community to recognize the right for self-determination of the people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

We have the honor to work with several of the intellectuals who signed this statement: Marc Nichanian, Krikor Beledian, Anahid Donabedian, Raymond Kevorkian Vardan Azatyan and Nazareth Karoyan. 

“But is it really reasonable to leave alone a people of barely three million, landlocked, under the fire of two much more powerful states? Is it really reasonable to leave a few thousand young men in charge of stopping fascist Turkish-Azerbaijani imperialism? It is quite astonishing that the circles for equality and human rights, against racism and fascism, mobilize so little and so weakly. 

Far from being an episode of a conflict between Muslims and Christians, it is the reactivation of the Panturc project initiated in 1915 by the Young Turks [nationalist political movement], inspirers of modern Turkey under the Ottoman Empire; this perspective is used by Turkish President Erdogan to mobilize public opinion and to hire the mercenaries.”

You can read the full statement in French here.