Re-establishing Armenian Center of PEN

On Monday, September 25 ARI Literature Foundation has initiated the re-establishment of the Armenian center of PEN International.

Writers, journalists, translators as well as founders of Swiss based HyeStart organization Alexis Krikoryan and Alain Navarra-Navassartian have participated at the meeting.

Hyestart Secretary General Mr Alexis Krikoryan delivered a speech on the importance of PEN International and its presence in Armenia. The speech is available here.

Arevik Ashkharoyan, literary agent and founder of ARI Literature Foundation read the charter of PEN International and offered support of the foundation throughout the process.

The participants of the meeting selected the initiative group of the center to start the process of legal registration and establishment of the Armenian PEN Center. The working members are fiction writer Armen of Armenia, poet Marine Petrosyan and translator Avo Aposhian.

If you need more information or contacts of the working group members please contact us at  [email protected].