Let's Read! Reading Club!

The ultimate goal of the project is to instill and cultivate the culture of civil awareness from the childhood, to provide the children with the basic skills of the future socially conscious and responsible citizens, to present them the foundations and the cornerstones of the democracy through teaching how to read, analyze and reproduce the texts, which are mostly omitted in the educational system.

The project aims at organizing book club meetings for different age groups of schoolchildren – elementary school and middle school – and introducing them selected, age relevant literature, which, will show the diversity of the world, people, lifestyles, opinions and the way they are expressed. Through the books several main topics will be represented to the kids, such as ideas of kindness, friendship, family, love and tolerance, the ideas which represent the basis of a civil society. What is a civil society for the kids and what role and rights each and every citizen have in it.

This will give the children the opportunity to learn how to read, understand the ideas represented in the texts, analyze and what is most important, how to reproduce them. The children will learn to use the power of words to tell their opinions, agree and disagree as well as address socially important issues close to each of them. They will be taught the basic public speaking skills, which is almost impossible if a person, regardless of age, is not able to read, understand and analyze the material

If you are interested in the program please follow our website or social media pages for the upcoming program  announcement for summer 2021.