Let’s Read reading club summer program announcement

ARI Literature Foundation’s Let’s Read reading promotion program will be implemented in a new format this year. Due to the current pandemic situation and physical distancing requirements unfortunately we are still unable to welcome kids at our office for the reading club, so we will have to go for an online program.

Program participants will work more independently and individually, with a limited involvement of the parents. Reading can’t be just a self-sufficient action, it is a conversation starter, a subject for a discussion within the family, among friends and on public platforms. So, we offer the parents of our program participants to make a small video by addressing several questions to the kids. These questions will be prepared by our team in advance. The kids will also be asked to challenge three of their friends to read a book and make a similar video. We expect to see the chain of readers and discussions getting longer with every kid and every book.

After analyzing the summer reading lists offered by the schools it became obvious that the age norms are very general and might not fit every kid. The aim of our program is to work individually with each of the participants and based on their personal characteristics and interests, offer them the books, which will once and forever make them fall in love with reading.

We consider it very important to keep alive the interest of schoolchildren towards Armenian classical writers and we will help children find answers to two important questions about the classics – why and how to read them to make most out of their texts and value their literary heritage.

We have obtained new books for our library, compared the reading lists from different schools and different countries and have prepared our 2020 summer reading list, which includes Armenian and world classical and modern works. Our program partner Vlume e-books and audio books application will provide all the participants of Let’s Read reading club with free summer subscription. Vlume App has an exceptional collection of over 3000 classical and modern, Armenian and translated works.

For details and for registration please send us an e-mail at [email protected] or call at +374 99 05 11 12.