Let’s Read! Project Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to be getting back to you with updates on the ‘Let’s Read’ project, which you generously supported by a number of donors on GoFundMe platform in the beginning of 2020 – shortly before the world was hit by the Covid19 global pandemic.

We had been in lockdown since mid-May. As we resumed work, we started working tirelessly, trying to finalize how we should proceed with the ‘Let’s Read’ club. It goes without saying that at this juncture, it is unlikely that we could hold the planned ‘classroom’ readings, which is why we will be creating an online program for kids. We have also added a new component to the ‘Let’s Read’ project focused on Storytelling. Although Armenians are strong storytellers by nature, it is something that is sorely lacking in our educational system. However, we cannot ignore it’s importance and we think it should be core to our interaction within the club.

We have also enriched our library collection with around 50 new books, with new arrivals on their way. Moreover, in cooperation with reputed professionals, psychologists, educators and writers, we are currently working on compiling summer reading lists for school children.

Finally, we have developed a logo for the project as well, in the hopes that it will attract both children and parents alike!

We will soon be announcing the new format of the Let’s Read reading club and we will have a surprise bonus for those who get registered for the online program.

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