DIFFERENT STORIES Picture Books – Visit to Kotayk Regional Library

In the framework of regional visits of  DIFFERENT STORIES Picture Books project ARI Literature Foundation team was hosted at the Kotayk Regional Library to present the books “I Speak Through Dancing” and “The Champion” published as part of the project.

Meetings with teachers and schoolchildren were held.

The guests of the meeting were students of schools No. 2 and No. 4 of Hrazdan city. After reading and discussing the books, we asked the students to describe in one word what the books were about. And among those words were strength, will, dream, goal, love, friendship, kindness, diligence. We also talked with the students about their dreams, goals and future profession.

Then we met with the teachers and the psychologist of the schools. During the conversation, they both mentioned that inclusive education is implemented in their school, that they have assistant teachers in their schools, and the included students are involved in the educational and entertainment programs as much as possible. 

We also gave books to the library and to the center for children with special needs in the city of Hrazdan. 

We would like to express our gratitude to Kotayk Regional Library and its director Anahit Khechoyan, for organizing the meeting and hosting us.