DIFFERENT STORIES Picture Books – Visit to Armavir Regional Library

On June 7th  in the framework of regional visits of DIFFERENT STORIES Picture Books project ARI Literature Foundation team was hosted at the Armavir Regional Library to present the books “I Speak Through Dancing” and “The Champion” published as part of the project.

We met with 2nd, 3rd and 4th year  schoolchildren, as well as their teachers and parents. 

Learning about the meeting, the visitors of the library who were there to take books, also took part in the meeting

The schoolchildren talked about the authors, books and hobbies they prefer. They read the books “I Speak Through Dancing” and “The Champion” with great interest and kept asking very witty and clever questions. 

They were very happy when they learned that the books will be given as a present to them and told us that they will read them for their siblings and friends so that more people come to learn about these wonderful success stories.

We would like to express our gratitude to Armavir Regional Library and its director Arevik Sargsyan for organizing the meeting and hosting us.