Ceren Turkkan, Prize-Winner Participant of the Write in Armenia IWC 2018

The Ordu, Culture and Art Association of Turkey (Guzel Ordu Kultur ve Sanat Dernegi) organized a story contest open to participation of all ages in the national and international arena this year. The theme of the literary competition was “Children Rights”. It was aimed to evaluate the work of the people who are interested in writing with a new view and interpretation to the society on children’s rights. Ceren Turkkan was selected first by jury with the story of “Hatred for the White”. The story about “Being a Child Bride ” was first among hundreds of stories. Ceren Turkkan who got Istanbul’s attention with her young age was also nominated for the youngest award-winning writer that year. Among the award-winning writers, the young writer award was presented at a ceremony held in Istanbul. The award ceremony, attended by prominent politicians and artists, was published in several national and local newspapers.

We congratulate Ceren for her success and are happy she was a part of Write in Armenia International Writing Camp 2018!