Another Success Story by Write in Armenia IWC 2018 Alumna Gvantsa Gubeladze

The Girls of Sulem by Gvantsa Gubeladze has became one of the winner stories of national competition ‘Bestseller 2018’ in Georgia. The competition was conducted by publishing house Palitra  L. Book was published in January, 2019.

The girls of Sulem is a story about women from different centuries, a beautiful story about love. Lile, who is an arts graduate comes back to  her country and meets her  first love.Unexpected things will happen to them. They will go together to Shuamta, which was built by Tinatin Gurieli, the wife of King Levan II (1520 -1574) and will find old manuscripts of Tinatin. This is when the story will take a sharp turn.

Are the feelings of women from different centuries very different? Even though they live in different eras and different countries…

Readers will meet three female protagonists in the book: Lile, Tinatini and Shulammite. Women with different stories but so much in common.

Finally the main question is: “Could you change the history of your century?”