Write in Armenia International Writing Camp

Write in Armenia International Writing Camp creates opportunity for young writers to get together in a ten-day extensive creative writing program to learn from each other and about each other. The program of the camp is developed in cooperation with the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa and is based on their model of Between the Lines program.

IWC consists of lectures on literature and other creative disciplines, writing sessions, sessions on photo, video and onstage performances, play-writing, slam poetry, team building and communication exercises, readings, group discussions, National 101 days, cultural tours, and a lot of fun.


Write in Armenia International Writing Camp is supported by the US Embassy in Armenia.





Write in Armenia 2018


USA – Katie Prout, Armenia – Armen of Armenia, Aram Pachyan, Georgia – Dato Turashvili, Russia – Alisa Ganieva, Turkey – Asli Perker, Ukraine – Lyubko Deresh


Participants eligibility criteria

  1. Age limit 18-24
  2. Functionally fluent in English
  3. Strong interest in writing as a criteria

Selection criteria

  1. Strong interest in the camp justified in the cover letter
  2. Creative merit of writing samples
  3. Record of extracurricular activity

Selection committee members

  1. Representative of US Embassy in Armenia
  2. Established writer/tutor of creative writing
  3. Representative of ARI Literature Foundation